December 22, 2015

**technical difficulties**
Kam's amazing 2015 family letter has been eaten alive by technology.
I am staying hopeful that I can talk him into rewriting it.

Please visit us again the week after Christmas...

December 15, 2014

A wise man named Anon Ymous once said, 
“The more things change, 
the more they stay the same.”  
Here are a few of the things that stayed the same this year.

Dad  (43)
Still running (miles since Sep 2009:  9000)
Still thinks anybody cares about his running
Still waiting for a new radiohead and muse album
Still working in medical device manufacturing
Still skipping Sunday School  
Still eating too much candy and drinking too much mtn dew
Still old enough to know better, but does it anyway

Tami (41):
Still tilting at windmills at city hall
Still running (marathon count: 2)
Still teaching Sunday School
Still solving problems, wiping noses, butts, and dealing with messes and whiners (both at home and work)
Still beautiful as ever

Max (20):
Still toiling in Mexico city
Still unfailingly upbeat
Still preaching in every e-mail
Still doesn’t like corn very much
Still planning on an August return, in time for Fall Semester at USU
Still would love to hear from you

Nena (19):
Still pursuing academic excellence, this time at BYU
Still has the Monson Scholarship
Still creates a stir when she comes home for the weekend, which is rare because
Still a spiritual and organizational giant; leads her ward as RS president
Still breaking missionary hearts with clever e-mail & occasional snail-mail
Still beautiful as ever @nenafillmore

Jens (17):
Still State doubles Tennis runner up, and Team Champ
Still attending Viewmont, keeping a 4.0
Still mows 20 lawns each week
Still plays tennis, ping-pong, or basketball given ANY opportunity
Still wants to date Taylor Swift
Still willing to change the first diaper of the day

Grace (15)
Still consumes books at a breakneck pace
Still doesn’t know how to drive, despite a couple of harrowing lessons
Still makes the best brownies in the house
Still babysits every weekend; poor sophomore with a June birthday
Still solicitously cares for baby brothers
Still beautiful as ever  @fillgracemore8

Ashlei (10):
Still wakes up early and sneaks around the house, questing for an iPad
Still could use an afternoon nap, and therefore,
Still has a very early bedtime
Still brings the joy and laughter
Still hikes and bike rides like a champ
Still scared of the fast rides at Lagoon, but went on most of them anyway
Still inseparable from her partner in crime,

Anna (8):
Still plays imaginatively for hours on end
Still impressing teachers with her savvy
Still acts like a teenager
Still wants to be first, heard, and included in everything
Still has a hidden sensitive side
Still reminds Dad of each broken forgotten promise
Still reaches out to hold Dad’s hand despite broken forgotten promises

Jack (3)
Still obsessed with trains and fire engines
Still bewitches everyone he meets
Still says “clodatine” instead of “clementine”
Still forgets to put his pants on after using the bathroom
Still escapes the house and wanders the neighborhood, sometimes after using the bathroom
Still can do no wrong, but when he does, has timeout in the closet.

Gabriel (1)
Still isn’t walking
Still loves his bottle, sleeps in a crib, and is mommy’s baby boy
Still smiles all the time
Still watches VHS tapes of Baby Einstein; doesn’t seem to mind the tracking problems
Still throws peas, pineapple, & bread all over the floor
Still can do no wrong, in the eyes of every member of

THE FAMILY (est. 1993 AD)
Still appreciates your friendship and influence over the years, and wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Kam, Tami, Max, Nena, Jens, Grace, Ashlei, Anna, Jack, Gabe, six goldfish, and four doves (anyone want one?)

Our year in pictures

Grandma and Granpa return from Australia!

That very same night, Tami gets sworn in as councilwoman.  We made it with seconds to spare!

Winter Hanging out at Home...

Gabe's baby blessing

CJH Officer reunion brought three Fillmore's together in blue

Happy Valentines!

Both these girls receive their YWhood Recognition!

Grace the amazing pianist with her amazing teacher

Night out with Dad at our favorite local restaraunt

Jens receives his EAGLE!

Very precocious two year old gets early admittance into preschool...1st day

This guy just keeps getting cuter!

Sr. Prom, two in high school

A very fun spring trip to St. George/Zions

Jens couldn't go with us and Gabe was SO excited to see his favorite brother again!

Gabe turns six months old


Grace excels in and finished her CJH years.


Anna and Tucker (cousins!) are baptized

Gardner Family Reunion at Aspen Grove

Summer fun!


4th of July


Lots and lots of long run Saturdays

Camping in the Tetons and Yellowstone

Jack turns three, dad makes a train cake

Day trips to Pineview

Hours of imaginative play

Brothers!  2014, 1994

Nena moves away

Back to School

He's ONE!

High School Fun

Ogden Temple Open House

A gift from Maxico

Harvest Time!

A quick trip to St. George... drive, sleep, run, drive

Dinosaur National Monument and Vail Colorado

Halloween is fun


FELIZ NAVIDAD, and signing off for the year...